We are a Polish producer of creative toys. For over fifteen years we have been creating products which bring joy to the lives of our little customers, stimulate their creativity and are completely safe for their health. And it all began in 2009 with a unique liquid for large soap bubbles, the first liters of which were created in a small home laboratory. The effectiveness of its properties as well as the strength and impressive size of the resulting bubbles have been appreciated even by the world’s best bubble shows creators.

Thanks to the liquid, we have beaten the Guinness World Record three times in the number of people locked in a soap bubble. In 2012, it was 125 people, the next one was 193, and finally in 2018 it was 417 people! These successes have become a driving force for further action. Since then, we have introduced to our offer a whole range of colorful SLIMEs, creative kits for making TUBI JELLY gel figurines, DYNAMIC SAND loved by children, a series of cosmetics, including water-washable NAIL POLISH, MULTISENSORY FOAM and many other products. We are not slowing down and we are working every day to expand our creative offer.

TUBAN products are manufactured in Poland and have the necessary safety certificates. They have been appreciated not only in our country, but also in 25 other countries around the world, including UAE, Canada, Korea and Japan.










Large soap bubbles

Soap bubbles are our speciality. That's why in the shop you will find a wide range of products designed to make giant bubbles that are sure to delight the young and old alike. The secret behind our large bubbles is the unique and precise formula of the liquid. It keeps the rainbow-coloured spheres floating in mid-air for a long time and allows them to reach impressive sizes. This makes Tuban soap bubbles perfect for creating spectacular shows. But that's not all. They will also work well for a child's birthday party or children's parties as well as family picnics.

Soap bubbles for kids

Our bubble-making liquid is not only great fun but, above all, completely safe for the young ones. The original formula, which guarantees an impressive size and durability of the created bubbles, complies with the PN-EN 71 standard for toy safety. As a result, the liquid is suitable for children over the age of 3, which means that even the youngest kids can create their own large soap bubbles. Thanks to the accessories available in our shop, creating bubbles is so easy that even the little ones can do it. It is worth knowing that children exercise their vocal apparatus when blowing bubbles, so it is not only a creative activity but also one supporting their development. On the other hand, the older kids have a great opportunity to join efforts in putting on a bubble show that is sure to surprise everyone. Creating bubbles is a great way to integrate peers and spend time together as a family. A great way to introduce an element of healthy competition into the fun is, for example, organising a competition for the biggest soap bubble. We guarantee that this form of entertainment will provide unforgettable moments and bring smiles to many faces. As we all know, you can look at the world through rose-coloured glasses, but it would be even more interesting to do so through huge soap bubbles.

Big soap bubbles for the young and old

The Tuban shop has all the necessary accessories needed to create a soap bubble show straight from a fairytale. Our range includes liquids in smaller packaging, perfect for home use or everyday play, as well as high-volume concentrates. The latter are great for larger shows and celebrations. Our liquid can also be used to fill bubble guns or bubble generators, which you can use to blow dozens of beautiful soap bubbles into the air. Our extensive range also includes hoops, butterflies and other bubble-making utensils with which you can conjure up soap marvels of various sizes. If you want to surprise everyone, make sure you get the special strings that will allow you to create amazing bubble tunnels. You can compile the accessories yourself or opt for one of our sets so that you're fully ready for bubble craziness. How do you start playing with Tuban bubbles? First, pour the appropriate amount of liquid into a bowl and dip one of your chosen accessories into it. Then slowly pull the accessory out of the liquid. Now you can start practicing your bubble tricks! Soap bubble sets are a great gift idea for kids who have no shortage of imagination. With accessories from Tuban, you can feel like you're in a fairytale land and spend time creatively every day. Our accessories are aimed at children in particular, yet – despite appearances – they are not our only target consumers. Big soap bubbles can be used during: - various photo shoots, - film shoots, - art and dance shows, - festivals... or simply to have fun with friends of all ages.

Bubbles – and what next?

We are a Polish company that has gained recognition both on the domestic market and abroad. We have long-standing experience, which we put into practice when developing new products. We keep track of the market as we continuously upgrade our product range. We make use of the latest trends while paying attention to our customers' feedback and meeting their needs. This is one of the reasons why alongside soap bubble accessories our offer also includes: - Slime and Jiggly Slime, - Tubi Jelly sets, - Tubi Creative Foam, - Multisensory SHOCK foam-gel, - TPU balloons, - Helium for balloons, - Hydrophobic and dynamic sand, - Artificial snow, - Nail polish and lip glosses for children. products guarantee top quality and hours of fun for the entire family. Thanks to the fact that we are constantly enhancing our range, we have been granted multiple awards confirming the quality and safety of the toys and accessories we offer.
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