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Probably everyone knows and loves balloons, it is one of the basic elements of decorating almost every party. They work well as decorations for birthdays, weddings or themed parties. They are a must for New Year’s Eve parties, concerts and festivals, because they are associated with celebrations and good fun. And if they can be filled with helium, like ours, there is no child in the world who would be unable to resist them.

Tuban balloons are made in Poland.

They are extremely strong and durable.

They have the shape of a ball, are transparent and very large – up to 60 cm in size! You can fill them with both air and helium and arrange them in many different ways using elements such as feathers, colored styrofoam balls, leaves or other smaller balloons. Our balloons are available in a transparent version, which can be freely arranged, or in a themed version for occasions such as baby showers or birthdays.

How to use:
1. Prepare the balloon.
2. Stretch the balloon in all directions. If you have long nails or jewelry take extra care not to pierce it.
3. After stretching, the balloon should be wrinkled.
4. Start inflating the balloon. Use a hand or electric balloon inflator, preferably with a wide enough nozzle.
5. Once the balloon is inflated grab the end of its inlet and twist it about 20 times, then tie it off. You can also use a rubber band or string to tie the balloon.

Our tips:

You can’t inflate a balloon like this with your mouth! Instead, you can fill the balloon with helium, a manual or electric balloon pump. Make sure the nozzle diameter matches the balloon inlet.

When inflating, take breaks and don’t pump the balloon too fast, especially if it’s already large and approaching the size you want to achieve. Otherwise, the balloon may burst. Use a measuring cup to determine the size of the balloon. Inflate the balloon at room temperature. Inflating at too low a temperature may cause the balloon to burst.

ATTENTION: A decorative article, not a toy. Keep away from children. Product made of TPU.

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